Current Version


  • JVM 1.8
  • The NetBeans IDE release 8.1.
    Important: Featureous may fail to install due to module incompatibility, if you have updated any modules since installing the IDE. Therefore, in general we advise to install the tool in a fresh installation of NB 8.1. Alternatively you can download the source and build the tool yourself on your particular configuration.

Installing in NetBeans 8.1 (Java 8)

  1. Download and unzip the latest NBM plugin binaries from:
  2. In your IDE, go to Tools / Plugins / Downloaded tab
  3. Press the Add Plugins and add all the NBM files. Press Install.
  4. Go to the Available Plugins Check tab and install all the plugins whose names start with "Featureous".
  5. Follow the instructions and read the license agreement
  6. Restart your IDE, and start Featureous by executing Window->Other->Show Featureous menu action.
Feedbackware: we look forward to hearing about your initial impressions regarding the tool and feature-orientation in general! Please remember to leave your anonymous feedback using the included questionnaire view.

Source code


  • Version 4.0, July 2016
    • Previously unreleased remodularization view.
    • Rebuild for NetBeans 8.1
    • Some issues may be present around the 3d feature-code view and parsing of new syntax of Java 8 (e.g. lambdas)
  • Version 3.2, September 2012
    • Fixed a number of misc bugs
    • Rebuild for NetBeans 7.2
  • Version 3.1, February 2012
    • Migrated the FeatureTracer implementation from AspectJ to BTrace
    • A number of minor enhancements to the Remodularization workbench
    • New metrics and remodularization objectives
    • BeanShell for simplifying the exports of trace data
  • Version 3.0, October 2011
    • Added the remodularization workbench
    • Added feature evolution view
    • Improved overall performance and robustness
    • Add static-analysis-based post-processing of traces for discovering field access of features
  • Version 2.0, February 2011
    • Added "Test-trace action"
    • Added the call tree view
    • Added 3D feature-code characterization view
    • Added a custom affinity coloring scheme
    • Merged the dynamic and static feature interaction graphs into feature relations characterization
    • Added code folding in editor
    • Added the global selection manager API and made views selection-sensitive
    • Redesigned the extension API
  • Version 1.1, July 2010
    • Fixed a number of bugs in the first release
  • Version 1.0, February 2010
    • First version of the tool for NetBeans 6.8