Software systems need to undergo evolutionary modification in order to remain useful for their users. This non-trivial process is known to consume as much as the staggering 60-90% of the total software costs in organizations.

In particular, software systems need to respond to user-originating change requests concerned with continuous enhancement and extension of their functionality. This causes the individual units of software functionality, also known as application features, to become the units of source code comprehension, modification and work division. Hence, it is essential that features are properly modularized within source code.

However, in many object-oriented applications features are not explicitly represented. Consequently, features typically end up scattered and tangled over multiple structural source code units, such as architectural layers, packages and classes. This lack of modularization is known to make application features difficult to locate, comprehend and modify in isolation from one another.

Easily establish traceability links between user features and source code.
Use these links to guide evolutionary changes and to control quality of code.
Automatically modularize features in terms of dedicated packages.
Do this from within your NetBeans IDE.

This what Featureous is all about.